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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Grailknights Return to Castle Grailskull
Possibly many of you will have their difficulties in finding this record in the record-shop in the shelf with the Heavy Metal-CDs, because a careless employee could have placed the disc unintentionally next to TKKG and Benjamin Blümchen. That´s no surprise: on the cover, there are four cartoon superheroes, whose originals can be ... more/mehr


Grand Magus Wolf’s Return
Not bad at all, what these Swedes present on their third album. Since their second album completely went by me, I got a pleasant surprise when I put this album in the player: the trio has added some different influences to their original doom/stoner rock and it suits them. Thanks to some more speed, at least in between, they have ... more/mehr


Grand Magus Iron Will
Big announcements and huge expectations accompany another act from „Rise Above Records“ label, owned by Lee Dorian (Cathedral), that had already delivered some musical treats. GRAND MAGUS are a Swedish Hard Rock / Metal Trio consisting of singer / guitarist JB (SPIRITUAL BEGGARS), bassist Fox (BAJEN DEATH / CULT) and drummer Seb ... more/mehr


Granit - same -
Are you already looking forward to the coming festival season? Or are you looking forward to the first rays of light to have a ride with your bike? Or maybe you are really looking forward to have a cold beer in the beer garden? If you answered one of those questions with yes, Granit should be your soundtrack!

Rock music ... more/mehr


Grantig So Muss Es Sein
The word "grantig" in Austrian (or Southern German) Slang means "grumpy, angry". And this is a good description of the sound of this band, which is basically Pantera with German lyrics. And sometimes those adjectives describe your reaction listening to this CD, for example "Reflexion". Here singer Jonathan Schmid proves once again ... more/mehr



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