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Gathering, The Accessories - Rarities And B-Sides
They started off as a raw, death metal influenced band and are without a doubt one of the founders of so called "gothic metal" and since the early nineties they can look back at an extraordinary musical history. From their hard metal roots, through their atmospheric "Mandylion"-phase, to the dreamy, profound songs you can find on ... more/mehr


Gathering, The Home
I admit to belong to those old fans who still look back to the good old „Nighttime Birds“ times and who could not really connect with the far-too-spheric sounds of „If_Then_Else“ (2000). And in order to kill off any hope in advance: the Metal-CDs of this Dutch band remain history, but with their ninth studioalbum they came back ... more/mehr


Genepool Everything Goes In Circles
A Punk-Rock XXL-Production!

Genepool take care about the past by using quotations and insinuations but thye’re also well produced.

Not only with regard on the sound, Genepool live in the present. They leave the traditional band concept and work with various line ups and they will continue that way.

When ... more/mehr


Genepool Lauf!Lauf!
„Lauf!Lauf!“ [Run!Run!], the new album by Genepool could´ve been called „Tanz!Tanz!” [Dance!Dance!] as well because that´s exactly what you want to do after you put the record in your player. Lively and cheerful, that´s how the guys play their “20-ich wave punk from Hell” (or Cologne, Germany) and they do sound very British indeed, ... more/mehr


General Chaos Calamity Circus
A brand new act, yet there are some "old-timers" in the line-up - or better, it´s an all-star project that releases its debut here. And indeed, what a circus, yet there are no calamities to be found. Eleven pure Death´n´Roll granades explode in your audio channels. Groove, tough guitars, melodies and brutal HC style-ish shout vocals ... more/mehr



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