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Green Carnation The Quiet Offspring
With enjoyable albums like „Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness“, and the latest release „A Blessing In Disguise“, the Norwegian band Green Carnation have already managed to procure themselves a place in the highest league of progressive metal. The newest trick of the men around Kjetil Nordhus and Tchort, is also a success. Admittedly, ... more/mehr


Green Express GEX
Green Express, an international rock band from the Brazilian southeast coast, formed in 2007 and offers their first full-length album with “GEX”. The 14 original tracks are alternative rock songs, some gritty, some a bit grungy, all very listenable. I like their sound overall but would have liked a little more variety. Most of the ... more/mehr


Grendel A Change Through Destruction
“A Change Through Destruction” is the second album of the Finnish variety of Grendel, an apparently rather popular bandname. And “change” is also the order of the day, exclusively working with clean vocals and more simple song structures on their debut album “Lost Beyond Retrieval” the band now takes on a more heavy and complex approach ... more/mehr


Grimlord Dolce Vita Sath-an as
Who would´ve thought that, the Grimlord is from Poland and he gives to us metal which is first and foremost fun. What comes to my mind first is Power Metal without annoying spandex vocals – somehow a more, errrr, grim version of Dragonforce? Especially the title song quickly becomes a favourite that you can easily listen to 10 times ... more/mehr


Grinning Shadows The New Curse
In most cases music from Italy is not completely my cup of tea. It´s either cheesy, or there´s something else that disturbs me. All in all, there´s maybe a hand full of bands, that I really like. Grinning Shadows are definitely among those few bands, after I had the pleasure to listen to their latest output "The New Curse", which ... more/mehr



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