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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Gojira L´Enfant Sauvage
Gojira´s new album stays true to the band´s sound and even if it´s occasionally less powerful than their previous work, it´s still pretty damn good. I have had it on my mp3 for two days whenever I´m on the way to work and back and I am still not fed up.

This says two things about the album: Firstly, it works splendidly ... more/mehr


Goldfish Comin home
On their debut album "Coming home" Goldfish offer a soundtrack of their own emotional worlds around what happened on September 11. This topic was turned into the songs Snow and Today in an excellent way. Their own experiences were expressed musically, and you get an impression of the overall picture that Goldfish from Berlin represent. ... more/mehr


Gonzales Checkmate
CHECKMATE, GONZALES` new record starts off with the advice, that they have nothing to lose. It seems that it is as they say, because they have no own website or maybe I did not find it. Anyway, CHECKMATE rocks and rolls the whole 29 minutes, without a break. Fans of Mötörhead, Misfits and Stooges will get what they enjoy! Impulsive ... more/mehr


Good Witch Of The South Nuclear
Good Witch Of The South make pretty straightforward, well, punk rock, I guess? Fast playing, but well-produced. „Nuclear“ comes across rebelliously, almost snottily, but seldom manages to touch the heart of the listener. In spite of that, a couple of nice guitar solos („The Taker“), enjoyable screaming chorusses („Macht kaputt, was ... more/mehr


Goodbye June Nor The Wild Music Flow
“Nor the Wild Music Flow”, Goodbye June´s debut album shows that rock does not necessarily have to be extremely loud or up tempo to be good. The album has a lot of power, yet stays on the bluesy side throughout. Often rough, but enjoyable singing and lots of guitars are the foundation of the music. During the second half of the album, ... more/mehr



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