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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Giftig 10.000 Worte
It appears that with Giftig from Leverkusen we deal with a band who in a not too remote future could belong to the daily radio programme. In any case, a clever promotion strategy as well as TV appearances in German television isn´t hindering, concerning this matter. That those kinds of things usually don´t tell a lot about the quality ... more/mehr


Gillmore Rigor Mortis Of Soul
Gillmore is a fairly young band, founded in 2005 in Turku, Finland, who released a single and another EP so far. This new EP presents 5 songs that should open the doors of some record companies. The opener "Sea Of Brutality" might still suggest Dream-Theater-ish material, but then it develops towards Tarot - in other words, a good ... more/mehr


Gjallarhorn Nordheim
Raise your swords and prepare to join the invasion led by Gjallarhorn. The newest disciples in viking metal are following the trails of Bathory and Falkenbach. This true epic viking metal masterpiece contains influences from Amon Amarth, Enslaved and Doom Sword layered with majestic powerful, atmospheric sounds. A very well-recorded ... more/mehr


Gloria Morti Lateral Constraint
Are you looking for fresh, efficient, technical and extreme metal ? Then you should continue reading that review..or go and directly listen to “Lateral Constraint” !
Two years after the very good “Anthems Of Annihilation”, I´m thrilled to see that the Finns Gloria Morti are back with a new album.

The band doesn´t waste ... more/mehr


Glowing Elephant Radioactive Creampieces
I first thought: „This is really an anomalous name for a band“! But after the first listen it is really simple: Glowing Elephant has lots of breezy parts, as well as mighty grooves. Singer Tinn looks like he sounds in the end: like a real expert. In general the song material is high class, failures are nowhere to found.

It ... more/mehr



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