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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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God Among Insects Zombienomicon
GOD AMONG INSECTS are Death Metal, brutal Swedish Old School Death! Those 10 acoustic demolition hammers grind through your ears, sometimes in hyper blast speed, sometimes midtempo. Great, this is how Death Metal is supposed to sound like! Checking out the GAI members itīs no wonder that this CD convinces totally: In the band are ... more/mehr


God Dethroned Passiondale
Like before, GOD DETHRONED do not need to prove their skills. The play as fast as they want to. And this is (mostly) not fast. But they never came to the point of monotony of average Death Metal. They also get the groove that other bands are missing, who focus too much on truth and senseless razor-sounds.
It seems to me GOD ... more/mehr


God Forbid IV: Constiution Of Treason
Quite pleasant what comes out of the speakers: death thrash metal with a hint of hardcore and the whole thing even as recognizable songs. Not that bad! However, although singer Byron Davis shines with variability thereīs at the same time a vast inexpressiveness – if not even feebleness. Too bad because they have potential for more ... more/mehr


Godbless Thee, Mooseheart The Prison pt. I
This album leaves me a bit perplexed, as such a wild mix of different styles is not quite my cup of tea. But letīs start with the facts:
Godbless Thee, Mooseheart is a Progressive-Rock side-project of Brent Vallefuoco, a 17-year-old guitarist (who also plays in the extreme Metal band Xanthochroid). With the aim to make expansive, ... more/mehr


Godcomplex Ashen Empire
The debut from Godcomplex, Ashen Empire is good, but nothing special. Their melodic black/thrash/death metal leaves a strong feeling that one has heard this already before. The Germans master their instruments and the singer, Micha is convincing. However, as song after song blast through the speakers, the lack of originality is still ... more/mehr



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