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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Guilty As Sin Led To The Slaughter
GUILTY AS SIN already couldn’t really mark their territory with their debut, even though some fans of newer Swedish metal were impressed by this album. "Led To The Slaughter" shows a more matured and technically advanced band, which can be seen in more song ideas and more variety - e.g. amazing melodies in "House Arrest" or the mega-agressive ... more/mehr


Guilty As Sin III
A self-produced CD that doesn´t use Metal-Kitsch cover art, and from the US, that makes you curious already. Even more as there is no further band info to be found. Alright so let´s start the adventure. Track 1 Truth Serum sounds pretty interesting, with a certain rehearsal room appeal – but on track 2 unfortunately those 3 guys ... more/mehr


Guilty As Sin Psychotronic
Another self-released CD from this (mainly instrumental) Boston trio. Don´t get fooled by the atmospheric opener - the following "Destroyed Reptoid 1.0" has the tapestry peel off with merciless Hardcore blast beats and equally brutal vocals. The next tracks repeat the "tough and brief outbursts of brutality" pattern but are spiced ... more/mehr


Guilty As Sin Future History
Guilty As Sin from USA are quite well-known to STALKER – and it´s great to see how a band develops, even better when all the things I had been complaining about in the past are now gone. Did they actually take some of my suggestions – like ”improve the vocals” to the core?

And the best thing is that they kept their – slightly ... more/mehr


Guns Up! Outlive
Oh, how happy I am to find that the great tradition of American hardcore is everything but dead! This album takes me right back to 10 years ago when I was jumping around to bands like Biohazard, Henry Rollins Band and Helmet. No BS! Just pure aggressive east coast HC!

If you´re familiar and in to this kind of music I guess ... more/mehr



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