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Grivf Yggdrasil
This is a really weird album. First I thought I will hate it but after a while I began to like it, then like it more and at the end I have to admit that it´s bloody brilliant! Yggdrasil is the second full-length album of this Danish one man band and it can be recommended for all funeral doom fans. It sure doesn´t let you down. Just ... more/mehr


Grizzly Pale music serial killer tracks Volume 04
Another act that features this 80er Elektro thing. Grizzly present us on their 3 track CD a variety of Pale Music entertainment. The Song “Dich“ comes in the original version and two re-mixes. Pretty simple but quite OK in terms of handicraft. Who is really into the 80s should give this one a try.

1. Dich / The Scandals ... more/mehr


Grober Knüppel Unbeugsam
They have a really stupid band name, those guys from Grober Knüppel [really hard to translate!]. That´s probably German humour that not even the Germans understand. Unbeugsam [Stubborn] is their newest outing. It contains 12 songs that are pretty much all in the same style. Grober Knüppel are somewhere between the poles of hardcore, ... more/mehr


grüßAugust grüßAugust
Who remembers "The Inchtabokatables"? For those who do – their drummer and singer formed a new band called grüßAugust. Now, in autumn, their first album hits the stores – and it is a very special one - because it was recorded live. The only editing techniques they used were the “on” and “off” buttons on the recording devices.

Let´s ... more/mehr


Guideline Traveler on Midway
It´s hard to believe that this band hails from Upper Austria. Their songs rather remind of this usual US-Rock that we all know way too well. But the guys from Guideline have picked the rights sound for themselves because the riffs and the vocals as well as the drums harmonise nicely with each other and that´s how stoner rock at its ... more/mehr



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