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Go Betty Go Nothing is more
This girl pop punk band from California wants to go all the way and with their debut album they are presenting an impressive, progressive sound. Although their own record company is selling them as chicks, Go Betty Go demonstrate that Latinas, who are neither visually nor acoustically cliché, can make some very convincing ... more/mehr


Go Faster Nuns, The Under Neon Light
These guys from Bambarg would already deserve an award for these incredible aliases: MR. Spaceboy and Betty Pregnant – you have to come up with that. As you may imagine, this is meant to make fun and what’s better than some melodic punkrock to achieve this goal. They appear to be really likeable with a lot of energy performing their ... more/mehr


Goat the Head Doppelgängers
„Contemporary Primal Caveman Death Metal“ that´s how Goat The Head, hailing from Norway, describe their music. From that you could assume two things: They are clad in fur – check! And the whole thing is equipped with a lot of humour – check!

But that´s not to the bad. After their 2007 debut Simian Supremacy and the Neander ... more/mehr


Goatholocaust Satan Jugend
Yeah! Rümpelfix rides again! This time he is named GOATHOLOCAUST and plays sub-quality Black Metal. Drooling feedback guitars, sticky drums that vary too much in recording level as well as timing, an extremely evil singer and a bass that sticks out because it´s not there. Yet there is something pleasing the eye: The frontcover shows ... more/mehr


Goatpsalm Erset La Tari
Once again a contribution in the category „this cannot be real“. Well, it is, and it´s called Death Industrial Ambient or Lo-Fi Black Metal. The Russians Goatpsalm recorded this album named Erset La Tari which was released by the British label Aesthetic Death. You get to hear three songs with the beautiful names „Utuk Xul“, „Bab ... more/mehr



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