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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Hate Eternal I, Monarch
This is the new death metal work of Hate Eternal, the band around ex-Morbid Angel Erik Rutan (vocals/guitar). Along with his two buddies Derek Roddy (drums) and Randy Piro (bass) he presents some very fast death, but one wouldn't have expected any less. The songs are definitely entertaining, varied and complex. So far so good. ... more/mehr


Hate Eternal Fury & Flames
After overcoming lots of difficulties in the last couple of years – the grievous loss of his best friend Jared Anderson and some line up changes - Erik Rutan, founding member of Hate Eternal, is now back with new comrades. Once again on board is Alex Webster (amongst others bassist for Cannibal Corpse), who was also a founding member ... more/mehr


Hate Squad H8 For The Masses
Not long ago, every gourmet of hard music nodded their head when the name Hate Squad was mentioned and you knew that this band was unstoppable on its way to the top. Unfortunately, the five guys from Hannover disappeared without a trace after three albums and one might have thought they had split up. Wrong thought! A nearly 9 year ... more/mehr


Hatebreed Supremacy
Big talk comes from oversee – as flagship of the metalcore movement name their new album “Supremacy”. But Hatebreed are simply the authority in the Metalcore and underline it twice with a exclamation mark. “Supremacy” is bursting with aggression and Jamey Jasta not just figurative shouting his lungs out of his body. To be honest ... more/mehr


Hatebreed Hatebreed
In case you´re wondering, how to put as much energy as possible, as well as one brutal song after another on one records, you should maybe just ask Hatebreed - simply because they´re perfect at doing this. Somehow it´s hard to decide, whether a conclusion like "everything like always" is a positive or negative thing. A little bit ... more/mehr



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