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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Hel Tristheim
First of all you´ll have to give Hel a big thank-you, that they publish their third record at this time of the year. This acoustic melancholy that is transported through-out those 15 songs and inevitable pull down your shoulders would on darker days rather be responsible for one or another self-willed exit. From time to time the ... more/mehr


Helalyn Flowers Disconnection
I don’t like the word Nu, but Nu Electro Rock from Rome seems to be interesting, so give them a try. And usually we don’t review EPs, but because so many LPs aren’t much longer than this one, we will give a short review: the mixture of electro, glam rock and many, many other sounds made by former gothic metal heads is really unique ... more/mehr


Helheim Kaoskult
“Kaoskult” is already the sixth album of Viking metal band Helheim from Bergen. The band is already around for 16 years, so everyone who likes this kind of music should at least have heard about them. If you haven’t then now it’s time to get acquainted with them.

“Kaoskult” is, however, a little different than the last ... more/mehr


Helheim Åsgards Fall
The Norwegians Helheim release this Mini-Album to ease the waiting period to their 7th output (Feb 2011). Listening to it I immediately have to think of Finntroll, Satyricon or the early Siebenbürgen, during the instrumental interlude even of Pink Floyd. The Norwegian dark and clean Vocals offer the unusual combination of "Emo" ... more/mehr


Helheim Heidindomr Ok Motgangr
Helheim are admired as one of Norways oldest and most revered Viking Metal bands, but I would rather put the 7th album of the band into the Black Metal section. Not just because they only have Norwegian lyrics. Yes, there are those Folklore elements regarding instrumentation and atmosphere - but this brutality, those blast beat attacks, ... more/mehr



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