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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Hex Hex
Although the first self-titled album of Hex is already a few months old - and the follow-up record should soon leave the pressing plant - but itīs not too late for a review because this band simply cannot be ignored. Hex from Sweden guarantee 100% quality sound and absolute listening pleasure. Their songs are inspired by movies, ... more/mehr


Hi-Horse Concrete Clouds
Concrete Clouds is the debut album by Hi-Horse -- a Finnish rock/pop duo founded in 2007. According to the press release, the album is a musical ride on a wild horse. I actually expected to hear powerful rock like Rammstein or System of a Down when I put the record into my CD-player. However, the first beats reminded more of a relaxed ... more/mehr


Hidden Intent Walking Through Hell
Hidden Intent are a quite new, three-man Thrash Metal band from Adelaide/Australia. Their passion is old school Thrash Metal ā la Metallica, Slayer, Annihilator and Megadeth, just to name the most important influences. Chris McEwen (bass/vocals), Phil Bennet (guitars) and Jay Rahaley (drums) play in the most minimum line-up possible ... more/mehr


Hidden Timbre Triangulation
The first song makes ears as big and red as at the giant bat: Hammer vibes, rough, harsh, straight, solid, exciting composition with varying moods and tempos change; the sound punchy and clear.

The songs dig their furrows through the fields of progressive Metal: varied arrangements which canīt hide their dedication of almost ... more/mehr


Hidria Spacefolk Balansia
Well, well. According to the legend Balansia should teamed up in Hiidenlinna a hippie commune in Lohja in 1999. Without being rude: you can clearly hear their background. Progressive, psychedelic rock that even won’t stop in front of modern music. Besides techno, there are also folk and urban music elements integrated. This circumstance ... more/mehr



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