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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Helloween Keeper Of The Seven Keys – The Legacy
The expectations were very high prior to the release. Would Helloween manage it to follow on from the glorious „Keeper“ deeds or could they maybe even top it? To say it right away: No. Because „The Legacy“ plainly lacks class! Up-tempo songs like erstwhile „Future World“ or „I want out“ are hardly to be found and can then convince ... more/mehr


Helloween Unarmed
Germany`s best known pumpkin heads turn 25 years! Congratulations! As it is custom for such occasions, the band publishes a best-of. However, Helloween do things in style and thus don´t simply put out a cheap rip off of their most popular songs. Instead, to honor the anniversary appropriately, the guys from Hamburg came up with something ... more/mehr


Helloween 7 Sinners
With more than 25 years under their belt, HELLOWEEN have easily earned the reputation of “longest serving melodic speed metal band”. Last year they released their legendary best of album “Unarmed” and with “7 Sinners” we finally get some new stuff from the five Germans. This consists of what the guys can do best: nice, catchy songs, ... more/mehr


Helloween Straight out of Hell
The last Helloween record 7 Sinners was quite heavy and dark. Even though the album had a lot of very strong songs on it, not every Helloween fan liked it because of exactly those gloomy vibes. Straight Out Of Hell thus was supposed to be a much more positive album again, that´s at least what the band wrote before the release. But ... more/mehr


Helloween My God-Given Right
Just two years after their 14th studio album, “Straight out of Hell”, and although the band played a lot of concerts and went on tours in the meantime, Helloween found time to release their 15th album. Their aim was to go back to the roots and seize the feeling of the early stuff without simply copying it and without ignoring the ... more/mehr



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