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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Hod Serpent
Yes, there is black metal besides Immortal and Marduk! From the US of A I recently got a very interesting record which tries to break the dominance of the two aforementioned reference bands. What you notice first are the extremely melodic guitar parts, which are something like a recurrent theme throughout all the songs. The vocals ... more/mehr


Hogjaw If it ain´t broke
With “If It Ain´t Broke…”, Hogjaw deliver their fourth studio album - an album filled with ten rocking tracks. It all starts with a bluesy feel for “One More Little One”, only to leave the blues behind over the course of the album and move towards straightforward Southern Rock. The highlight for me is the melodic “Shiny Brass”. I ... more/mehr


Hollenthon Opus Magnum
Hooorrraaaay, Hollenthon are back!
Who has never heard of those Austrians before - BIG MISTAKE, and you should immediately go and check out their third album "Opus Magnum". Who knows the band already might just go and get this CD without hesitation.

And indeed, there is no risk for just doing so. "Opus Magnum" continues ... more/mehr


Hollow Haze Poison in Black
Already the intro gives you the feeling to be right in the middle of the new “Wrath of the Titans” movie. This impression of a fantasy movie soundtrack continues throughout the whole album. This soundtrack fades into the first song “Tears of Pain” where Ramon Sonato dashes forward forcefully and then changes into power metal style ... more/mehr


Hollywood Burnouts Excess All Areas
“Excess All Areas“ is the debut album of the band Hollywood Burnouts, who prove that there are also German bands capable of playing Sleaze Rock. The three guys Mike, Nikki and Vito, as well as the lady of the group, Chrizzy, already played as a support band for Cinderella and Hardcore Superstars.

That the guys of the quartet ... more/mehr



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