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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Hell Within Asylum of the Human Predator
Metalcore, referred to as the "New Wave of American Heavy Metal", is not hard to come by at the moment. Since bands like Killswitch Engage have been having more and more success, it was only a matter of time before more bands using a mixture of thrash metal and hardcore would spring up like mushrooms. So it's not surprising ... more/mehr


Hellacopters, The Rock & Roll Is Dead
The latest handiwork from the Swedish rock elite proves this much: Rock’n’Roll’s NOT dead! In fact, these five guys demonstrate that quotes from music history don't always have to sound boring and cliche. The more you hear them, the better they will sound! They have said goodbye to the much loved, plane sound they had when they started ... more/mehr


Hellcity Punks Result in Disaster
The debut EP of the Hellcity Punks, STALKERs Fresh Act in September 08, has the meaningful motto “of life, mistakes and misfortune” and with that it´s already clear what to expect musically and lyrically. The four “fast & furious” songs all feature catchy choruses which, at least after the second play, you can´t get out of your head ... more/mehr


Hellcity Punks 2159: The Rise and Fall of the Underground
In 2011, “Angelina Cries“ was already released as single, finally the first album of Hellcity Punks is out now. “2159: The Rise and Fall of the Underground” is a concept album, in which all songs are connected through the sound as well as through a story-line. While listening to the album for the first time, some songs were already ... more/mehr


HellLight Funeral Doom
Basically the title of this CD says everything already. It´s anything but a positive attitude to life that is expressed by Fabio De Paula (git, voc, key), Robson Antonio (dr) and Alexandre Vida (bass), on their second CD plus Keyboarder Eric. And those guys from Brazil prove the fact that profound sadness in epic style is not necessarily ... more/mehr



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