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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Hatebreed The Divinity Of Purpose
Straightforward, honest and reliable are among the first adjectives that come to mind when thinking of Connecticut hardcore veterans Hatebreed. Their style may have shifted slightly around the basic pillars of HC, punk and metal, but never alienating fans with drastic changes. The sixth and latest offering faithfully continues in ... more/mehr


Hateflesh Hateflesh Demo
Those who think that only music that fits to the local opera festival can come out of the Finnish town of Savonlinna, is proven wrong with this young band from the Saimaa lake district. The difference between Hateflesh and opera couldn´t be any bigger. Formed only in 2009, the band now releases its second demo and with it, gives ... more/mehr


Hatesphere The Sickness Within
Hatesphere present their well-known formula: aggressive, tight and heavy. Songs like „Sickness Within“ and „Reaper Of Life“ whet the appetite for more. Jacob Bredahls voice paired with more subtle playing – without abandoning the heaviness – make the album appear more mature. Those ones who like metal and hardcore should check this ... more/mehr


Haunted, The Versus
The Haunted are continuing their path, which they have walked already with ``The Dead Eye``. No more Slayer-like Highspeed-Thrash-Metal, but mor groove, really heavy guitar riffs and dark moods. Typical for this ``new`` style are songs like `Pieces` or `Trenches`. The Haunted have rarely been so wicked before!

But they ... more/mehr


Havanna Heat Club Havanna Heat Club
Leather jackets and Harleys are hot again. And if Motörhead call it a day some day then there´s still the Havanna Heat Club. Until then singer Jo should have drunken the necessary amounts of whiskey and smoked enough cigarettes to sound exactly like Lemmy. Hard rock ´n´ rollers will surely have a lot of fun with this record although ... more/mehr



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