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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Hemnur Satanic Hellride
Yet another Norwegian black metal band who has nothing new to say lyrically. As far as the music goes, this record is classified as „primitive old school necro black’n roll”. Not much of a difference except for the AC/DC inspired riffs. The title of this cd says it all and it’s just that - a hellride full of religious hate and endless ... more/mehr


Henchman Unmistaken
On the debut album of the Americans is put Nu Metal, Rock and Punk. This mixture itself sounds promising and really, this record needn´t hide. However, the opener, which is also the title track is not really the best song ever, but with the following tracks “Uncover”, “Embrace” and “Right Or Wrong”, which are sometimes full of Metal, ... more/mehr


Her Whisper Children Of The Black Soil
Without background knowledge to the band Her Whisper you guess at the first listening of the debut as country of origin. This is not based on prejudices but simply with the typical trademarks in the guitar work of bands from the country of the Volvo and the furniture where always misses a screw. Who plays a mixture of Sweden Death ... more/mehr


Herb Sinus Intense
“Herb Sinus is a versatile musician and a multi-instrumentalist,” is written on the singer/ songwriter´s website. True, his second album “Intense” gets at least 8 points for variety. However, in this case, variety means huge differences between songs, some being amazing and some not working for me at all. On average this only leads ... more/mehr


Hermano Dare I Say Low
Kyuss, Afghan Whigs, Supafuzz, Disengaged: The list of members of this band let every great expert of Rock Music ears ring. And even the fast they categorize their music as „ Heavy Blues“, the listener can expect a quite traditional Desert respectively Stoner Rock-Album.

With heavy riffs, driven beats and mostly vocal which ... more/mehr



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