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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Marlowe Deep Breathe Fake Air
Very calm and steady Brit-Pop along the lines of The White Stripes, a more depressed version of Franz Ferdinand. Clean guitars, emotionless vocals and little style variation, although from song to song Marlowe experiments with different elements of the alternative genres: Grunge and Emo are heard most distinctively. To those aren´t ... more/mehr


Mars Volta, The Frances The Mute
We probably never understand this band. But for what for? Isn’t it most important a band create something unique. Shure the 2 touseld-heads did it already with their predecessor. Do you remenber? At-the-drive-in. Right, that’s the band who made music which you understood first in its complex five years later.

The predecessor ... more/mehr


Martin Kesici So what?!
So what?! the Berliner asks himself with good reason and whoever detects a dash of defiance upon reading that title is probably right. After all, the singer has had to endure quite a lot of criticism since his success on the casting show „Star Search“: rock and metal lovers consider him too shallow, not „true“ enough. Small wonder, ... more/mehr


Mary Gauthier The Foundling
The story told on this album is not easy to digest. It´s about a foundling, born in 1962 by an unmarried mother and then handed over to the St. Vincent’s women and children asylum in New Orleans. This child was adopted a short time later, but abandoned by the adoption family 15 years later. The search for the birth mother took ... more/mehr


Maryslim A Perfect Mess
Who still didn´t find the right barbecue or picnic background-tune for this summer and who likes Finland-rock, surely makes the right choice with Maryslim. The four guys are from Sweden, but still you can aim for that. “A perfect Mess” is their fifth album and was, just as the previous two, produced in the Abyss Studios from no-one ... more/mehr



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