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Memory Garden Tides
This is "only" a re-release, but the fact that this album is already more than a decade old (back then released via mini-label, hence "long lost" and out of print) will be hardly noticed. Moreover, isnīt this 80s/90s sound quite "up to date" again, and Bands like Hammerfall or Kamelot quite popular because of that? Well, if you like ... more/mehr


Memory Garden Doomain
For five long years, Memory Garden kept us waiting for their new record – now itīs out and it is called Doomain. As it becomes more and more clear that Candlemass will soon reach their date of expiry, it is all the better to know that a band like Memory Garden is absolutely able to fill the looming gap. Singer Stefan Berglundīs voice ... more/mehr


Memphis May Fire Sleepwalking
Memphis May Fire, who are active just for 2 years now, find with `North Atlantic vs North Carolina` a perfect beginning into their new, second album. Cool and Hard southern rock riffs combined with well dosed screams and nice melodic vocals. A really nice beginning! But this gladness is eliminated quite soon. From the following `A ... more/mehr


Mencea Pyrophoric
Mencea is the Greek band, which committed itself to progressive Metal with their latest album, "Pyrophonic" and thus showed that aggression can be transformed into insane music. My opinion is that this is better than every demonstration, but no reason to up on the screws, of course. But back to the album.

The catchy bits ... more/mehr


Mendeed Shadows War Love (The Very Best of Mendeed
Best of albums always smell a bit like rip offs. And it smells even stronger if the band has “died” not so long ago. In this case I do have exactly this smell in my nose. One the one hand, the track list is really excellent and gives a good overview of the work of Mendeed. But on the other hand, the playing time is really too short ... more/mehr



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