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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Matt Roehr UHAD2BTHERE! Live Bootleg Vol. 1
Many should know Matt ``Gonzo`` Roehr from the days when he played with Die Böhse Onkelz. But those days are now gone, and his new songs have only a few things in commmon with the classic Onkelz-style. Instead, simple Rock, Blues and a little bit of World Music are the ingredients of his first album ``Barra da Tijuca``.

Now, ... more/mehr


Matt Skiba & The Sekrets Babylon
Actually poppy Punk Rock with some Hardrock influences is neither my cup of tea, nor my field of work in the Stalker team. But, nevertheless, I take on this new solo album of Matt Skiba for reviewing because, simply put, I like it from the first seconds on. Especially the warm voice of Matt Skiba, who is better known as the vocalist ... more/mehr


Matthau Mikojan Her Foreign Language
The first time I heard of Matthau Mikojan was when he was still the singer of Bloodpit. From the very beginning, I was excited about his very own way of singing and his vocal sounds. He is one of those singers, you would recognize among one thousand others. In the meantime, he has published his own band´s fourth record. The Finn, ... more/mehr


Max Lilja Plays Electronica By One Cello
Max Lilja is a cellist, who has been involved with quite a few bands already. He was one of the founding members of Apocalyptica (till 2001), is cellist in the Finnish band Hevein (since 2002) and also in Tarja Turunen´s band (since 2007) – these are the major milestones of his career. Besides being a rock musician, Lilja occasionally ... more/mehr


MaYaN Antagonise
Now that the world is discussing the surveillance methods of some Western agencies, MaYaN´s second album comes at a perfect moment. Already on their debut album from 2011, the Dutchmen talked about some methods used under the umbrella of war against terror. On their new album, Antagonise, this all-star band, consisting of (former) ... more/mehr



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