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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Morgan Finlay Fault Lines
Canadian born singer/songwriter, Morgan Finlay, released his fourth full length album, “Fault Lines”, in October. It was crowdfunded in close collaboration with the fans and released only on iTunes.

So much for the bare facts but what about the music? I instantly liked it; it drew me in with the very first song. Finlay’s ... more/mehr


Morgana Lefay Aberrations Of The Mind
Morgana Lefay are one of these bands that deliver excellent albums and shows year after year, always get the two thumbs up from the critics but still have not achieved their commercial breakthrough yet. What are the reasons? Pointless to ask that, or why other Power Metal bands, who got nothing proper done in the last years, make ... more/mehr


Morlas Memoria Follow the Wind
Morlas Memoria is a new band from Dresden, Germany. In the underground, they already made a name for themselves, having played a couple of shows, also at the famous Wave-Gotik Treffen in Leipzig. Last year, they released their first album and also shot a nice video clip for the title track.

When listening to “Follow the ... more/mehr


Morning Hour of Joy
Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Dutch Horror show. “What?” you might ask now. Just listen to the Intro and then you know what I mean. It’s really like the soundtrack to a gloomy theme park attraction. But after that it’s like a killer sound: Heavy Metal riffs, hard guitars, progressive elements and an epic tenderness that are ... more/mehr


Morrigu The Niobium Sky
Man, you can be so mistaken. The first check of this disk runs bad: That´s crap because the voice sounds annoying and the songs are chaotic. Indeed, this could be right. But who´s getting involved with "The Niobium Sky" will experience awesome things. This experimental mix of Disillusion, Katatonia, progressive, melodic, death, punk, ... more/mehr



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