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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Mirzadeh The Creatures Of Loviatar
Sometimes you ask yourself where does all the great finish bands come from, so many inhabitants they have not. Anyway, Mirzadeh just coming from those Finland offer an excellent debut. 10 strong songs Dark/Death Metal about the ancient Finland and the customs/fears/legends of the people to that time. You just have to hear “Louhi´s ... more/mehr


Miseration Your Demons-Their Angels
The Swedes MISERATION are presenting a real hammer with their new album. Death Metal combined with melodic parts and clean vocals. This sort of mixture reminds at several times of the good old Gothenborg school of Death Metal and kicks ass as well. Sometimes the Hyperspeed-Metal is also enriched with orchestral parts. This might ... more/mehr


Misery Inc. Random End
An interesting record by Misery Inc!

Hard, thrashy guitar riffs combined with melodic vocals and Death Growls. A mixture that works nicely, as we know since In Flames. The musical mix of those Finns rather reminds of Nevermore, though.

Weaknesses of Misery Inc. are revealed in the long run. They do not succeed ... more/mehr


Mistress In Disgust We Trust
Grindcore and Crustcore fans pay attention, beware of the name Mistress- if you don’t know it till now. Five Englishman hack their way through the 10 songs and reminds one of sceneheavyweights as Napalm Death or Brutal Death and make a first-class impression when it goes into the direction Death Metal. Entombed give their regards(“Talking ... more/mehr


Mizzle Sixpack
Mizzle is the solo project of the Dutch bassist and songwriter Casper van Beugen. In the late 90s, he and Klaas von Eijkeren formed the band Brimble Cromble that, apparently, found lots of favour among Dutch and Belgian music lovers. In 2007, he left the Netherlands for Germany, in search of musicians for his first solo album titled ... more/mehr



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