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Midnight Reign Never Look Back
Midnight Reign is a surprisingly stylish combination of sympho-glam, slightly industrial with a hint of some hard rock. At the same time they manage without too many trashy elements, so poorly faked by modern hard rock wanna-bes. Instead, this US American act uses beautiful cello and violin parts, along with impressive guitar solos ... more/mehr


Midriff Broken Dreams
From where the chamois gallops and the alphorns yodel the singer/drummer Paul Henzinger and the two brothers Jeremy, guitar, and Joshua Lentner, bass, come from a small village in the Austrian Tyrol. But the music, the trio serves is a fat rather Southern American heavy rock with blues as a base, heavy, rather slow, but massive.

First, ... more/mehr


Midway Kickstart Riot
„Kickstart Riot“ is the first album from Swedish band Midway. Not much is known about the foursome, hailing from Stockholm. But they played a few bigger festivals, such as the Emergenza festival in Sweden. When looking at the guys, I would have actually thought that I was in for the typical Swedish Hardcore Superstar-like party sound ... more/mehr


Midwinter Between Wisdom and Lunacy
Midwinter provide a Black Metal output of higher quality. Hot Riffs meet atmospheric keyboards and a good mixture of clean and distorted vocals. And the result is amazing!

Sound as well as compositions are totally convincing. Only one point is the slight overdose of keyboard bombast added sometimes to their riffs.

Sometimes ... more/mehr


Mignon Kiss of Death
Vocalist Mignon Baer´s career began in 2002 when she toured with none other than infamous Canadian performance artist Peaches - and the two are still working together to-date. In 2003 the “bad girl from Berlin” launched her solo career but her debut album titled Bad Evil Wicked and Mean was released under the monicker Mignon only ... more/mehr



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