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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Morrigu Before Light / After Dark
To be quite honest, I´ve never heard of Morrigu before - although this is already their 4th album and they have a quite prominent band member: former Eluveitie vocalist Sevi. But the information provided by the promo department made me curious. They are talking about “melody combined with aggression”, “remarkable guitar melodies” ... more/mehr


Mors Subita Degeneration
Frustrated by recent Soilwork releases, and you think that In Flames are nowadays too soft / too Hipster for you? You like 80s Thrash but hate those high pitch siren screech vocals? Well, so the Finns Mors Subita offer the right CD for you!

The opener Degenerate might appeal a lot to Pantera fans - and the band could sell ... more/mehr


Mortal Sin Out Of Darkness
Wait a second, Exodus again with Steve Sousa? Or after all a new EP of Testament? No the Bay Area has settled over to Australia and has spite out the quintet Mortal Sin. On the “EP” Out OF Darkness there is the titeltrack incl. the accompanying video plus 3 live tracks. And the material is meant for heavily wrecking your neck, Speed ... more/mehr


Mosfet Sickness Of Memory
Mosfet from Austria are preparing to conquer the metalworld with their Thrash´n´Roll mixture. The CD features 10 songs, that bring along a decent portion of Thrash, but also Death Metal.
They kick of with the selftitled opener "Sickness Of Memory", that clearly shows, that this band is not just into speed and hard music, but ... more/mehr


Mostly Harmless Butterfly Effect
The Swiss band Mostly Harmless wants so prove on “Butterfly Effect” that nu metal can be made up of more than only uniform growls. It should also consist of – insanely creative – clear singing and soft melodies. This mixture is nothing new, already Linkin Park were successful with this kind of music. With Mostly Harmless the promised ... more/mehr



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