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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Metalety Radio Apocalypse
What the fuck! How could I have ignored this band from Western Germany for so long? The second record of this Power-Thrash Metal band is a real big one and blasts many other records from well-known acts dead easy away. What makes their stuff so great is the combination of heavy guitar riffs in the verses and great hooklines in the ... more/mehr


Metalium Demons of Insanity (Chapter Five)
Stories about dragons and fair maidens, leather and spikes and bikes are out. This is the first power metal album since Savatage's "Dead Winter Dead" I have heard that actually deals with serious subjects, and almost exclusively. In 13 songs the band sing away the frustrations of their soul, for instance about cloning ... more/mehr


Metatrone The Powerful Hand
The Italians of Metatrone offer with “The Powerful Hand” – you can guess from the title – variable Power Metal. The record begins with an old Gregorian song (“Veni Creator Spiritus”) which was created in Latin, as well as the final song. The rest of the album is in English, what will be more useful for understanding the lyrics.

After ... more/mehr


Metsatöll Äio
You could claim easily that Metsatöll is the most successful Metal band from Estonia, who celebrated their 10-year-anniversary with more than 250 shows in Europa and the USA plus self-releasing the double DVD/CD Kõva Kont; now they are finally "adopted" by Finnish label Spinefarm. Their fourth album Äio was conceived in the isolation ... more/mehr


Metsatöll Ulg
About 18 months after their last release Äio, those Estonian Pagan Metallers continue where they started off last time - only now it´s less camp fire and more Thrash and Prog, so to say.

In more detail - the tender harp sounds of Agu might be a bit deceiving as introduction, because the music focuses on tough Thrash sounds ... more/mehr



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