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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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My Ruin Throat Full of Heart
Jeez! What a skullcrusher that´s coming at you from the speakers! The foursome from Los Angeles merges such an awesome mix of hard rock, thrash metal and hardcore that you just want to jump up and down. You can literally feel and taste the pit around you. There´s, however, not only dumb noise but also slower, more quiet songs with ... more/mehr


MY RUIN Ghosts And Good Stories
Among the couples, who cook together musically, include Mr and Mrs Murphy from LA and have their stove turned up to the maximum. Hot stuff. And quite complex in terms of influences, references and flow of ideas. In order to discover all that it would be recommended to listen to the album a few dozen times- and it does not help: buy ... more/mehr


My Silent Wake IV Et Lux Perpetua
My Silent Wake are one of those bands, with which their label Dark Balance proves that they have a really broad taste in music and that they are not interested to keep within any limits. The most recent example is, as mentioned, the latest MSW album, which sounds melancholic and “singer-songwriter-y”. Very much in contrast to their ... more/mehr


My Uncle The Wolf - same -
Haste makes waste, one after another and trying things out and improvising doesn´t do harm - that might be the motto of My Uncle The Wolf. They neither searched for bandmembers in a hasty way (ok, they hired their drummer right after a two-minute jamsession), nor did they go crazy with songwriting or searching a rehearsal room. Thus ... more/mehr


MyGrain - same -
Once again some fresh stuff from Finland, where melodies and tough riffs are skillfully put together: MyGrain was founded in 2004 and release now their third CD with the attitude: "Third time is the charm". The first track Into The Parallel Universe shows what´s to expect: a Melodic Death / Thrash / Metalcore / classic Metal Mix, ... more/mehr



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