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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Machine Head Bloodstones & Diamonds
At the latest since “The Blackening” from 2007, Machine Head have found their very own style, which is technical, progressive Thrash Metal. Their latest output, “Bloodstones & Diamonds”, does not change that formula at all. Those who liked its predecessors will also love the band´s new opus because on it, Rob Flynn and his sidekicks ... more/mehr


Machinemade God Masked
The new album „Masked“ by Machinemade God (Metal Blade) follows the 2006 debut „The Infinity Complex“ that received excellent reviews in genre press and won a lot of audience. MACHINEMADE GOD guitarist Sky Hoff (also clean vocals) worked this time also as the producer, and he did a nice job. A powerful sound that has all those Metal ... more/mehr


Machinery Of Joy On The Verge Of Sleep
The debut album by the Danish band Machinery Of Joy from Copenhagen begins with a classic, slightly hyphy Shoegaze; melancholic driving pop-rock. For this purpose, a female, yearning voice floats with elegiac reverberation in brittle spheres. The late 70s greet from the gloomy side of existence. One of these retrospective ... more/mehr


Macstanley Between 2wo Worlds
Make way for a progressive Rockband from South Africa! The quarter from Kapstadt presents themselves on their latest record “Between 2wo Worlds” melodic and slightly progressive but hardly less rocking.

Therefore not only the songwriting and skillful playing, but also the acceptable production is remarkable, which again ... more/mehr


Mad Mav The Fiddler Queen
When I was a teenager, I was an enthusiastic guest of the Opera house in my hometown. And at home, I collected CDs of symphonic metal bands with strong-voiced front singers. Back then, the orchestra performed a “Rock meets Classic” concert at the city festival every year, and over and over again, I was really disappointed. Now, the ... more/mehr



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