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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Mothernight - same -
With this record I have to try it the other way round: It is NOT Death/Black/Thrash/Speed Metal, Gothic or Grindcore... What is left was mixed by the foursome from Poland to an extraordinary debut album which is very difficult to categorize. Well, there are elements of Rock, Hardrock, progressive and melodic Metal, united with grooving, ... more/mehr


Mothra Dyes
The Polish Mothra were already founded in 2000, but their new recording ``Dyes`` is just their second full length album (full length means 27 minutes!). The band puts its focus more on its concerts and tours which could explain these few releases. So the played already on tours with bands like Napalm Death, Born From Pain and Suffocation.

When ... more/mehr


Motion Control Foundation And Now the Good News
Two years ago, the guys of MFC decided that there was no rock music in Würzburg, and they decided to do something about it. With „And now the good news“ they present their second album, which comes across as good humoured and playful. Less glam than on their first album, with instead of that more rock of all kinds, that catches ... more/mehr


Mourning For Tomorrow Deine Hülle, Deine Haut
Friends of broad sound-spectrums, psychedelic, doomy and experimental music with Hardcore-influences, lend me your ears! In case you feel like this might be something for you, you could as well, head over to the band´s MySpace page and check out some tunes, instead of reading the complete review, because you will like it.
Otherwise, ... more/mehr


Mourning Rise 5 Ways To Illuminate Silence
A blockbuster for your ears is to expect from ´5 Ways To Illuminate Silence´ . This record is absolutely diverse, an EP you can call innovative. It is a mixture of styles and genres, like classical metal, trash, electronic influences and kind of oriental parts. You get rough and unexpected breaks, some styles of singing and some ... more/mehr



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