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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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MeloSushi Istinti Distinti
Melosushi are hailing from Bergamo, Italy and sing in their mother tongue on their recently released record, which makes the band quite special. In the booklet singer Chiara Nicoli catches my eye immediately with her blue hair; she is an absolute eye-catcher. Her band colleagues are named Matteo A, B and C. Music-wise Melosushi play ... more/mehr


Melotron Cliché
TRhe kind of person that listens to this kind of music either has a very weak heart that gives up at the slightest bit excitement, or the musical feeling of a slice of toast. This trio call their music "electro-pop". Over the cheap keyboard and drum sound, bombastic lyrics are recited in the style of Wolfsheim. About as ... more/mehr


Mely Leave And Enter Empty Rooms
Scandinavian melancholy works quite well, even if this time it comes from Austrian Alps.
And Mely make great music. Period.

That fact was confirmed by my unsuspecting test audience. Suddenly conversation ebbed out because everybody wanted to focus on the music... I have to explain that I know this band from the very ... more/mehr


Mely Portrait of a Porcelain Doll
Mely is one of those bands who I know from the very beginning, therefore itīs no wonder that I am deeply impressed by their fourth album. First: The Austrians finally present a proper production that mirrors their live-power a little bit more. Second, a label that hopefully gets Mely out on the world-wide market, as the CD should ... more/mehr


Memorain Evolution
A new supergroup is born – Thatīs what you could say if Memorain, the band of guitarist Ilias Papadakis, hadnīt already been formed in 2000 and released several records. But none of those albums had such illustrious supporters like Ralph Santolla, Steve DiGiorgio and the drumming animal Gene Hoglan, or guests like Dave Ellefson, ... more/mehr



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