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Periphery Periphery
What would a less nuts version of The Dillinger Escape Plan or maybe Meshuggah sound like, if you added some melodies and some other stuff? Well, probably like this: Periphery! Letīs have a look at the band, that lots of Mathcore addicts and fans of related genres are talking about lately. Well, a few line-up changes (mainly vocalists) ... more/mehr


Perlaine A Journey into the inside of things, just known from the outside
A Journey Into The Inside Of Things, Just Know From The Outside – thatīs the title of the new album by Perlaine who formed from another band called Sunburn. And, indeed, the making of the album was a journey, a long journey. In 2008, musicians of the band Sunburn entered the studio to record a new album. The album was finished by ... more/mehr


Persistense In Blood And Heart
Brutal music from The Netherlands keeps coming in constantly, thus Iīm not amazed to hold yet another brutal records in my hands from quite a new band called Persistense. Well, to be exact, the band has been around for nine year already, but apart from a demo entitled "Persistense" in 2004, you wonīt find anything, up till now, with ... more/mehr


Persuader When Eden Burns
It seems to be a fact that Scandinavia has at the moment the better Metal exports. Persuader are from Sweden but they rather remind of Blind Guardian and not so much of In Flames, which might be mainly because of Jens Carlssonīs voice. Well, but also the hearty melodious Speed parts sound a bit like the Hansi-Kürsch Gang. The opener ... more/mehr


Perzonal War When Times Turn Red
The German Bay-Area appears to be near Siegburg. This is where Perzonal War come from, who perform once again sounds from US west coast on their third longplayer. And they do it well. Because they donīt just copy old Testament- and Exodus-riffs but also include one or two modern aspects that might remind of Machine Head. First you ... more/mehr



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