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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Red Chord, The Clients
Apart from Napalm Death, grindcore isn't really my thing, but what The Red Chord presents here is very enjoyable. These guys from Massachusettes definitely master the skill of thrashing at the speed of sound and they aren't afraid of demonstrating it; but it's the groovy death metal passages that will please the death metal fan. ... more/mehr


Red Chord, The Prey For Eyes
Here is something for friends of a bit more heavy music. The Red Chord from Massachusetts combine in their sound elements from Hardcore, Death- and Grindmetal, and so the album “Prey For Eyes” is mostly characterized by fast drumming and Death Metal growls. Already the cover with a bird-eating woman suggests a bit more brutal sounds, ... more/mehr


Red Hot Chilli Pipers BLAST Live (+ DVD)
Good live bands need good live albums – and usually also a big series of it. And so a considerable DVD and live CD did come into the world after only two studio albums. “Blast” has the most professional artwork by far, also a new composed song choice – and leaves its predecessor easily behind. RED HOT CHILLI PIPERS stepped up at ... more/mehr


Red Raven Chapter One: The Principles
“Chapter One: The Principles” is the first album from Red Raven. After countless line-up and name changes etc., the band finally found the right combination to perform their songs. With Frank Beck on mic, Patrick Fey on guitar and Martin Reichhart and Sascha Waack on bass and drums, the band is now complete and ready to rock. Their ... more/mehr


Red Sun Revival Embers (EP)
With “Embers”, Red Sun Revival give us a little teaser of what´s to come in spring, when the band is set to release its second album. The English band calls Wave Rock home and accordingly, all songs on “Embers” are melancholic and dreamy. Accompanied by well-played guitar solos, the keyboard melodies and the electric violin passages ... more/mehr



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