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Red XIII Better Safe Than Sorry
Better Safe Than Sorry is the title of the debut album by the young fivesome Red XIII from Blackpool, who are now signed to Rising Records. When you listen to their album you know why because the ten tracks simply hit the bullīs eye. With their perfect blend of melodic core and metalcore the guys totally nailed it plus all songs ... more/mehr


Redcraving Lethargic, Way Too Late
More and more often people start wondering, whatīs going to be up next, after this huge Metalcore hype...good question indeed. Maybe itīs going to be time for bands like Redcraving. Bands that have a somewhat complex sound, that are influenced by various bands and donīt just try copying each other, thus sounding more and more alike ... more/mehr


Redeem Eleven
In perfect agreement with the title of this record, there are – who can guess – eleven tracks included. Redeem come from Switzerland and this album is the first full-length-disc of the trio. The musical style is situated anywhere between Staind, Creed and Joshua Kadison. Especially the singing of Stefano “Saint” Paolucci reminds ... more/mehr


Redeem 999
Itīs always an interesting affair with those hyped super groups - a large image campaign is often followed by just an average album. It hasnīt turned out that bad in REDEEMīs case but they cannot meet all expectations either. Now letīs start from the beginning: Instrumentally, the band is doing quite many things right; the guitar ... more/mehr


Redeema Sophomore
This is another case of „we want but we cannot“, and even in a very bad way. Redeema obviously try to combine dark Gothic-sounds with modern Rock-/Metal. And they failed although this is not even the worst yet about this album. Also not the poor production. The absolute worst are the vocals. Both males and females who occupy the ... more/mehr



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