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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Richard Barbieri Stranger Inside
Wow, that is really breathtaking! The second record given to us by Richard Barbieri is showing a development comparing to the predecessor “Things Buried”. It starts with “Cave” which captivates with fresh and timeless sound-elements. Also its successor “All Fall Down” beaks ranks and opens the door for an idyllic atmosphere.

Last ... more/mehr


Richard Christ - same -
The Pope deeply believes in it: Jesus Christ rocks. But here another one is meant: Richard Christ, who names his inner elements a mix of Barbie with the devil; according to the information on the Myspace-site living in Vatican City, too. His music: electro-rock made in Italy. And a musical parallel is easy to discover – Richard Christ ... more/mehr


Rifu Bombs For Food, Mines For Freedom
Norway = Blackmetal? In the case of RIFU from Trondheim definitely not. This can be easily guessed from the title "Bombs For Food, Mines For Freedom" because it´s about politics. Whether mines for freedom, reality manifested by TV screens of a brutal crusade for peace (of course with George W. Bush as the target), it´s time for quite ... more/mehr


Ringworm Justice Replaced By Revenge
Audiophiles and friends of nice tunes better should not continue reading. Because these are the listeners Ringworm don´t care about, and here it´s just full power right into your face. Straight Hardcore hammers on your eardrums and tease your neck. A band that seems to be suitable for the With Full Force festival. Please book them! ... more/mehr


Rio Reiser Familienalbum, Band 2
Well, nothing to expect while Rio was still alive – between Claudia Roth (introduction) and suburban disco you get a few minutes with the master himself, and then everything that you hear on radio for the sake of German language quota, in order to exploit the works of Ton, Steine, Scherben. You´ll hear Kinderzimmer Productions, ... more/mehr



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