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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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REBENTISCH Unter der Stadt
Personal recitations are mixed with calm loops of rhythms - the new album of Rebentisch starts very concentrated on the German lyrics and moves with the second track into spherical, electronic fields; the vocal changes temporarily to a restrained sprechgesang. The soul images of Rebentisch are characterized by romantic melancholy ... more/mehr


Reckless Love - same -
As frontman Olli Herman is the second singer of Crashdïet, who he left to focus more on Reckless Love, you could expect a song like "Riot In Everyone" while listening to the intro of "Feel My Heat", due to the helicopter sounds and the police sirens. But then the funny guitar sounds of Pepe begins as if to say: "Don`t take life too ... more/mehr


Reckless Love Animal Attraction
In the year of 2010, Reckless Love were the number 2 on the list of my absolute favourite bands. Then, in spring 2011, the first confusion occurred: "Hot", the first single of "Animal Attraction", was released. A pop song (!!) with a guitar solo in the middle. Musically, the perfect soundtrack for a TV commercial for "Wall`s" ice-cream. ... more/mehr


Rectify Have Mercy…
Completely in black: with their debut album the four Dutchmen present an excellently made death metal album. Catchy riffs, some NWOBHM-remeniscences here and there and then the aggressive grunt voice of Menko Visser on top of that give whole a certain drive. The continuously accurate tempo changes make you want to move uncontrollably ... more/mehr


Red Button Immortal
“Brisk, Pious, Cheerful, Free” – that’s how the five songs of the EP “Immortal” by Red Button sound. The perky punkrock of the three guys plus frontlady Jule is catchy and the majority of the target audience can certainly relate to the band’s lyrics about life and love. What I miss a little is a bit more aggression the singer’s voice ... more/mehr



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