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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Ravage Machinery The Dystopian Tide
I just recently got my hands on the self-released EP „The Dystopian Tide“ from Ravage Machinery hailing from Rovaniemi in Finland. To give you a short info on the band´s history: They were founded in 2004 in aforementioned city by Raula Alaruikka, back then as a cover band called Replicators. One year later, the name was changed ... more/mehr


Ravencult Temples Of Torment
The band describes their sound as „old style Black Metal“, and indeed I have nothing more to add. Brutal blast beats, growls directly from hell, rustic sound and rather simply structured songs, yet still there is variety, e. g. more grooving and calmer parts and – I hardly dare to write it down – melodies... Bathory and Celtic Frost ... more/mehr


Ravenscry One Way Out
On their debut album One Way Out, RAVENSCRY rely on a well-done mixture out of melodic and progressive metal, which sounds poppy but in a positive way. Actually, the album can be easily played as background soundtrack while doing other things but if you take a closer listen, it offers many technically interesting details, especially ... more/mehr


Ray Wilson Propaganda Man
RAY WILSON, a man about who is nothing left to say. He is surely a remarkable singer and songwriter. Never getting tired he gives us one strong album after another. As well as the former albums the latest record is not Hardrock in a usual way but mixed up with a little bit of Soul sometimes. This is good shown with the opener “bless ... more/mehr


Razor Of Occam Homage To Martyrs
Well, how should I start? A question you always ask yourself writing a CD review, but from RAZOR OF OCCAM I get a headache.

The melodies sound all very well-known, the terrible voice bothers me and the production could be more enthusiastic. Certainly this could also be in the band´s interest, because everything that sounds ... more/mehr



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