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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Reverend Bizarre In The Rectory Of The Bizarre Reverend
Reverend Bizzare have prescribed themselves full to Doom Metal. They use much time to celebrate their glow, dark music, whereby the songs are pulled to length extremely. Even though their 6 songs have a proud playtime about 74 minutes. Not bad at all! But – sad but true – boring! It gets more and more difficult to not fall asleep ... more/mehr


Reverend Bizarre So Long Suckers
Too bad that this double CD is the swan song of this Finnish band, because Reverend Bizarre decided to call it a quits at the height of their career – as they have already announced in December 2006 at their last show. And what otherwise is just a catch phrase hits indeed the mark in this case. Fucking great, ingenious, this last ... more/mehr


Reversion King of Deceit
Reversion released their first full-length „King of Deceit“ already a year ago. The band members themselves are however no rookies and so singer Aleksi Parviainen and drummer Toni Paananen work their magic also in another band, Malpractice. Like with Malpractice there are mostly progressive elements that dominate the sound of Reversion, ... more/mehr


Revine DICTATOR´S EMPIRE~Code of D leading to a past~
Revine are an uprising Visual Kei Rock Band from Osaka, Japan, we also present as Fresh Act November, who have recently released their 4-track EP. As Visual Kei bands focus on styling, also Revine display a lot of ideas here. Musically the band relies on catchy tunes, like in their first song “Departure”. What follows sounds a bit ... more/mehr


Reviver Reviver
I’m really fed up by now. Once more a band pleases our ears with their never-heard-before and totally original interpretations of the ones like Iron Maiden, Running Wild and Helloween. Typical and totally non-interesting metal you might call it. For sure, these guy know how to play their instruments, but you can’t shake the feeling ... more/mehr



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