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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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RPWL Beyond Man And Time
RPWL from Bavaria, Germany, have been around for about 12 years already with their art/progrock. After four successful releases, „Beyond Man And Time“ is their first concept album.The promosheet describes it as a travel outside Platon´s cave. The main character is travelling and meets characters on his trip, that have been adapted ... more/mehr


Rudra Brahmavidya: Transcendental I
„Vedic Metal“ from Singapore? Errrr, ok, where´s my Yogi tea? Already the title of this album sounds like a Pilates-Yoga relaxation CD! Apparently, Rudra are part of the metal elite in Asia and, in the first instance, the stuff from Singapore doesn´t sound so different from the standard Norwegian Black Metal troop. On their already ... more/mehr


Rufus Party Civilization & Wilderness
Blues and Rock- this is RUFUS PARTY, from Italy. Old school- good school!
4 guys, who are able to play their instruments in an brilliant way. They are real musicians as they show this with Civilization & Wilderness, which was recorded in 2007. Unfortunately we did not hear about the band in our area. A real shame.
Slow tracks ... more/mehr


Rummelsnuff Kraftgewinn
A voice that sounds like it has done a donkey work in reducing alcohol-world resources offers a kind of hardcore-chanson, embedded electronically and spiced by electric guitar. The musically ambitious - and by bassoon and muscle training builded - Berlin bouncer Rummelsnuff controls his boat brave over an underground, which drifts ... more/mehr


Runic Liar Flags
Spain is not quite the center of Viking Metal, therefore it´s even more interesting to listen to Runic from Castellón. „Liar Flags“ is the first full-time album of that band after they had released an EP in 2000. And right after the first riffs you think of a name, Thyrfing. Besides the fact that singer Juan has a voice similar to ... more/mehr



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