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Razorback Criminal Justice
If Pearl Jam would ever decide to play again and convert to metal, this is what they would sound like. All though this is a modern band, you can hear some old school influences such as early Alice in Chains and Black Sabbath. The vocals are more in the melodic direction instead out of key shouting that is more preferred by younger ... more/mehr


Razorfade Liberation (EP)
“If the SISTERS OF MERCY were writing music now, is RAZORFADE what they would sound like?” This is what’s written on the bands Myspace side. Hm, a pretty ambitious claim, isn’t it? Yes, the album got some spice of the Grand Master of dark music likewise it got some ingredients of Depeche Mode, and the song “Pale Shelter” originates ... more/mehr


Reach Reach out to Rock
Swedish band, Reach, first attracted attention in 2013, with their rock cover version of Avicii´s Wake Me Up. Since then, their video (www.youtube.com/watch?v=g94yK3JFVd8) received more than 1.2 million views on YouTube. Now, the guys from Stockholm finally finished their debut album and many are curious what it will offer as the ... more/mehr


Reach Us Endorphine Fuel of Confidence
Reach Us Endorphine is a metalcore band from South Tyrol. The five guys - Alexander Stein (vocals), Aaron Puntajer (bass, 2nd vocals), Jonas Rabensteiner (guitar), Markus Aichner (guitar) and Stefan Gantioler (drums) - caught greater attention during the International Live Award 2009, when they ranked 11th place out of more than ... more/mehr


Ready, Set, Fall Momento
Ready, Set, Fall are a quite new and young band from Italy. On their first album, they are cooking with ingredients like Metalcore, Modern Metal and melodic Death Metal. The final product is a coherent, always rough and heavy sounding metal melange. Growled vocals and blast beats dominate in the verses, while the choruses feature ... more/mehr



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