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Rob Zombie Educated Horses
The godfather of "Ghoul Grooves“ should have taken more of his time for his return. His fans, and there are not so many of them in Europe, he didn´t do a favour with " Educated Horses".

Who expects the good old kick-in-the-butt has to wait until " Let It All Bleed Out (Song 7 !!!) and after that might doze off immediately ... more/mehr


Rob Zombie Hellbilly Deluxe 2
It has been three years since we last heard something new from Rob Zombie. Now he´s back with a vengeance and his new record Hellbilly Deluxe 2. Hellbilly Deluxe (part 1 is what you have to say now) was released 12 years ago and appealed especially to fans of bizarre rock music. With Hellbilly Deluxe 2, Mr. Zombie probably wanted ... more/mehr


Robert Dahlqvist Solo
Do you remember BAP, the softy bards from Cologne? Add a copious amount of 70´s groove and that´s just about what you get with Robert Dahlqvist´s solo album entitled „Solo“. The ex guitarist from The Hellacopters worked in his personal feel of good music. The results are easy songs with mostly not that much rock with a lot of ballad ... more/mehr


Robert Plant And The Strange Sensation Mighty ReArranger
Robert Plant is back – with his band The Strange Sensation and a fantastic new album. Still a brilliant singer, Plant also seems to be a terrific bandleader, who gives his band lots of space. "Mighty ReArranger” was not conceived on Plants PC, but written and produced in Wales by Plant himself and the band, whose members have ... more/mehr


Rock Masters Band March of the Pink Fat Elephants
Quite a self-confident band name, but indeed, those guys are no beginners and can surely afford it. When reading the album title and noticing the lavish CD cover design - I was a bit concerned to find some kind of kinky Psychedelic-Prog I could not manage to listen to without the assistance of mind-altering substances... But what ... more/mehr



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