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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Rome flowers from exile
ROME could convince us of their quality with their last record. With the new one they have to prove if they can shine on. Well, they can. The Luxembourgers created something that reminds me a bit of DEINE LAKAIEN but it is more than a lame copy. Unpredictable in songwriting, at the same time traceable and exciting, the two musicians ... more/mehr


Room With A View Collecting Shells At Lighthouse Hill
This Italian quartet doesnīt really sound southern, rather British – something like Coldplay for adults. In other words, something for a rather sophisticated listener who I do not assume to find among the average MTV audience... Melodious, progressive, some New Wave, a little Grunge, some Jazz, like the final track “Remembering Our ... more/mehr


Root Heritage of Satan
ROOT have been around since 1987 and are one of the very few Black Metal Acts that I totally like - because they are musically sophisticated, recognizable and original. This 9th studio album confirms once again my good impression of this Czech band that released milestones like "Hell Symphony" (1992) or the fantastic "The Book" ... more/mehr


Rory Kelly (Donīt shake my) Family tree (EP)
There are musicians and there are those who want to be it. Rory Kelly has the music in his veins. His skin is made of vibrating guitar strings. This is evident from the first note of the EP with the strange cover, which depicts a young female officer with a shotgun. Yeah, everybody has his own way to hunt an alligator. At least here ... more/mehr


Rosae Crucis Fede Potere Vendetta Overlord Edt.
Pretty abstract what ROSAE CRUCIS from Italy dish us up with their album Fede Potere Vendetta Overlord Edt. Occasionally, merry melodies, probably taken from classical pieces, are made into catchy heavy metal using adequate instrumentation. However, even the most open ear needs some getting used to – after all, you donīt get to hear ... more/mehr



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