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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Redemption Snowfall on Judgement Day
After their foundation in 2000, it took only a short time until Redemption could make themselves a name. One the hand, this is a due to the high profile of some of their members (e.g. Ray Alder of Fates Warning & Bernie Versailles of Agent Steel), but on the other hand this is definately a matter of the music! And this means Progressive ... more/mehr


Reflexion Dead to the past, blind for tomorrow
Despite of big advertising, interviews and entirely positive reviews in all relevant media, "Out of the Dark" stayed just a little but shining pearl among the mass of the releases of (Finnish) gothic rock acts. Sometimes it`s difficult to see the real beauty between the painted ones, even if it contains the material the "great one" ... more/mehr


Regicide Break The Silence
Regicide had achieved to kick up a lot of dust in with their debut "Viorus"2004. Almost 1 ½ years later there follows the second work "Break The Silence". The mixture is same: portato Gothic Metal with violin, piano and the male and female singer. To be mentioned should be, that it is not the growl/angelwarble as it is known. Only ... more/mehr


Regurgitate Sickening Bliss
The forth album of the Swedish Regurgitate offers totally 26 songs, of which the longest takes only three minutes. All other tracks are in the segment of about 60 seconds and that is also the problem of this record. The songs are created in various ways, but due to their shortness it´s difficult to get enthusiastic about them. In ... more/mehr


Reincarnatus Media Vita
Folk Rock, the label says. Well, then I compare with known facts about the genre: Catchy melodies? Yes. Lilting singer? Also there. Romantic violins? In great number. So this must mean we could throw it away while it suffocates in its own clichés like DEAD CAN DANCE does? In this mostly orotund genre there are just a few outstanding ... more/mehr



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