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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Rekorder Revolution
This is cool shit! You have been waiting for it a long time! Four men, who took off to revolutionize the German-speaking music scenery, according to the title of her work ´revolution´. And this revolution can only succeed. There is fury depth, pain and the wish to change , in any regard. The guys speak to everybody who walks with ... more/mehr


Remember Twilight Der Tolle Mensch
Remember Twilight is yet another medieval metal band from Germany. Not that there´s anything wrong with the genre itself, but for bands like this it becomes harder and harder to be intresting enough. And ufortunately Remember Twilight doesn´t quite have what it takes to stand out.

The MCD “Der Tolle Mensch” has five pretty ... more/mehr


Remington Beach Club My Trivial Pursuit Of Happiness
With CLUB REMINGTON BEACH Bremen also sends a representative into the rock´n´rolling running. „My Trivial Pursuit Of Happiness“ is the new album of the band, the first 5 songs consist of modern Indie-Rock, no big variety in it. The handmade parts however are good, especially the youn man on the mic makes a good job with his guttural ... more/mehr


Repetitor Dobrodošli na okean
So I received a review request... Great... I decided to give it a try nonetheless and didn´t really expect what I got to hear. I have to admit, the lesson learned here was that never to judge a book by its cover, since it might come back to bite your ass. I also have to admit, I´m sold, stunned and blown away by this Serbian trio. ... more/mehr


Requiem Requiem Forever
The third album of these Finns from Haapajärvi and I see before a double-edged sword. On the one side "Requiem Forever" is fun, they make plenty of us of the keyboard, singer Jouni Nikula's voice is very varied, just like the music overall, „Possessed By Power“ almost sounds a bit like Gravedigger... and on the ... more/mehr



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