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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Raging Speedhorn How The Great Have Fallen
The third Raging Speedhorn studio album is exactly what could be expected of the six Brits: they stay true to their uncompromising hardness, the throats of Frank Regan and John Loughlin sound as usual, which means that on „How The Great Have Fallen“ the combination of these two provides a demontration of everything from cry to scream, ... more/mehr


Rain Dad Is Dead
Recently the Metal scene from further South the Alps raises much more attention. Rain are from Bologna, Italy, and have obviously a faible for the 80s. Just like Priest or Maiden they have two guitar players who create massive riffs, and singer Francesco might be one reason why you have to think of the Iron Britains. Catchy tunes ... more/mehr


Rain Of Acid Lost Souls
Rain Of Acid from Vaasa, founded in 2008, are another talented band from Finland one should keep an eye (and ear, or both of them) on. Their (self-released) debut Lost Souls is one of those albums that don´t lose their appeal after listening to them more often (and I bet, you WILL listen to it more often than once). Simply because ... more/mehr


Rain Paint Disillusion Of Purity
For me everything that is labelled progressive makes me feel nervous or even like panicking even before listening to it, yet Rain Paint made me feel comfortable right away listening to their second CD “Disillusion Of Purity”. Progressive, yes, but only because it´s difficult to find another definition, because many elements are mixed ... more/mehr


Raintime Tales From Sadness
Every month I wonder what kind if label would sign bands like this. OK, these Italians are not quite as bad as some of their fellow countrymen. But still their wannabe-progressive metal just doesn't cut it. This is not for lack of catchy up-tempo songs, but because of the lack of anything new. The riffs are reminiscent of the ... more/mehr



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