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False Prophet The Second Death (Re-Release)
Already at the end of the 1980s, False Prophet formed in the musical īno manīs landī Greensboro County, North Carolina, and, in the beginning of their career, were heavily influenced by the then omnipresent Thrash Metal wave, represented by Dark Angel, Exodus and Testament. Their style soon changed to a more Death/Malevolent Creation/Morbid ... more/mehr


Fatal Smile Neo Natural Freaks (+Learn Love Hate (Single))
Up to now only a few will know Fatal Smile but this could change soon because with „Neo Natural Freaks“ the Swedes have produced a good rock album. On it they present a mixture of good, diverse and catchy rock. Especially singer H. B. Anderson can totally convince with his distinctive and variable singing. But also the instrumental ... more/mehr


Fate Vultures
US-Newcomers FATE present a short but good debut with a lot of appeal that still would require some improvements in some parts. Who likes DESPISED ICON and the lighter songs of NECROPHAGIST will enjoy this. You need stamina and concentration to get into Fateīs song structures. The band is technically on a high level but still feels ... more/mehr


Fear Factory Mechanize
Fear Factory are back! After Dino Cazares had left the band, due to the infamous "personal differences" and didnīt have any contact with singer Burton C.Bell for years, Fear Factory released two more albums, "Archetype" and "Transgression", but it just wasnīt like it used to be without him. Luckily things eventually changed in 2008, ... more/mehr


Fear My Thoughts Hell Sweet Hell
Fear My Thoughts managed to draw attention to themselves when they played as support band for The Dillinger Escape Plan, although they didn't really have anything in common with the musical assault of the main act. Their sound is very clearly Swedish in origin. It reminds of At The Gates (riffs) and Pain (singing and melody ... more/mehr



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