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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Finntroll Nifelvind
Finntroll - what to say without repeating yourself? Well, this band has been delivering high quality for many years, produced musical milestones and inspired many bands (not to mention those who just shamelessly copy them). They belong to the "just-grab-it-without-thinking-twice" CD shelf, where I usually also put Finnish acts like ... more/mehr


Fire In The Attic Crush/Rebuild
Emo/ hardcore that sounds a bit like Andrew W. K., TwoFace and The Used. Well played! Live, this music probably kicks some serious ass. For now they have to keep working on their own style to become differentiable from other bands then there´s the possibility that they capture a niche and won´t abandon it without a fight. Keep it ... more/mehr


Fire In The Attic - same -
According to the mass of releases from Indie/Emo Bands I should invent a standard text, especially “Fire In The Attic” at first sight looks like nothing more than a standard album. Well, does not matter.

Nevertheless, in detail this sound is quite accessible. Moreover, this record is not interesting only for people who never ... more/mehr


Firestorm The Outsiders (EP)
Those, who expect music in the style of Deathstars or Marilyn Manson after a look at the cover picture, will be disappointed after inserting the disc. The EP “The Outsiders” is the forth opus of the quintet and shall give a foretaste of the coming album. The three songs are altogether made up in classic Heavy Metal style, which is ... more/mehr


Firewind Forged By Fire
Oups! There‘s Melodic Power Metal from Greece!

The band calls itself Firewind, and its already third album isnt’t too bad – for Power Metal – not to forget!

Usual not really my stuff, this disc is somehow quite funny. Good music, nice songs – and you can’t complain about playing-time (44:29). My recommendation ... more/mehr



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