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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Faithsedge Faithsedge
What you get to hear from the first notes on, sounds very promising and it, luckily, stays that way throughout the whole album. Faithsedge is the name of this new outfit, which can be filed under hard rock/progressive. On offer is some profound music and a singer who you could listen to for an eternity. With a very pleasant voice ... more/mehr


Fakir WeŽll see when we get there
I have to honestly say that, up until now, I hadnŽt heard anything about this band, which is, like me, from Switzerland. But I may be excused because New Wave is really not my cup of tea.

Nevertheless, with WeŽll See When We Get There, Fakir publish another album filled with very dark sounds. Musically, the whole thing ... more/mehr


Falchion Chronicles Of The Dead
Falchion from Lahti, Finland, have been around for 6 years, and after the release of their debut "Legacy Of Heathens" band-mastermind Juho Kauppinen (voc, git) decided to disband the whole line-up and to sign with the German label Massacre - and now the career of this band seems to flourish, as they will already have a EU tour in ... more/mehr


Fall Of Serenity The Crossfire
When two years ago a boom named Metalcore began, bands combining (Thrash) Metal-riffs with Hardcore-drumming and -attitude sprung up like mushrooms. In the meantime Metalcore has become a cuss and many bands - out of passion or calculation, who knows – are changing their musical direction.

This is pretty much the case with ... more/mehr


Fall Of The Leave Vantage
That Finnish bands have a subscription on melancholy music, is sufficiently well-known. To call it then just simple Gothic Rock is in the case of Fall Of The Leave does not work our right. Although the music is strongly transposed with keyboards and sound like a mixture of Amorphis, Katatonia and also Sentenced it also develops a ... more/mehr



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