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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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FOB The Dice – The Seventh Dot For Certain Victory
The three letters F-O-B are certain to cause some hot flashes with one or the other girl but this album here is not the new record of Fall Out Boy but of a Czech death metal combo who elected those three fateful letters to be their band name. Be that as it may, what you are offered on “The Dice”, the third album of the band, is rather ... more/mehr


Folkvang Atmospheric Black
I have my reasons why just the words "atmospheric Black Metal" cause panic attacks... and the title of this CD tells you everything already (besides the band name and cover artwork, which comes as folded poster, by the way). My worst fears, however, should not be confirmed - THIS cd can be enjoyed by non-Black Metal fans, too, without ... more/mehr


Fomento Either Caesars or Nothing
The title sounds ambitious: Either emperors or nothing! To be quite honest, Formento are miles away from being emperors, but the debut album auf the Italian Deaththrash band has raw violence and much of power in it. But they do also have some weaknesses in the songwriting. Considering the fact, that they are just playing live since ... more/mehr


For Ruin December
Irish Black/Death metal. This should be interesting! But... Unfortunately if you want to remain interested, don´t put this album on.
Founder John Murphy´s group doesn´t even seem to be playing the same song from time to time. It´s just an annoying mishmash of tedious guitar riffs, chaotic drumming and a wannabe screaming vocal, ... more/mehr


For Ruin Last Light
For Ruin are a Melodic Black/Death Metal quartet hailing from Ireland. Having been in Terrorizer´s Top Ten list of "Best Unsigned Act" back in 2006, they scored a label contract for their debut album "December", that was released in autumn 2007 and highly acclaimed, despite low-budget production. Nevertheless, they decided to release ... more/mehr



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