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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Frontside Twilight Of The Gods – A First Step To The Mental Revolution
Frontside from Poland are the european answer to Bleeding Through and Killswitch Engage? Well, hm, yes hm – no they actually not. Therefore “Twilight Of The Gods – A First Step To The Mental Revolution” is too far away from a work like “The End Of Heartache”. It is a Metalcore album with ups and downs. The plus is definitely the ... more/mehr


Frowser The Silver Shell Club
Well, well, those rockers! What in the beginning looked like a hype and a desperate search for a new rock/alternative movement, is now spitting out really good bands over and over again. And I´m not only referring to bands like A PERFECT CIRCLE, but also to a bit more ordinary versions of the formula. Enter FROWSER. Despite using ... more/mehr


Fu Manchu Start The Machine
FU Manchu present themselves very solid but not much innovative on „Start the Machine“.

Stoner Rock, yes? Call it whatever you want. Straight Rock, beginning with „Written in Stone“ till „I wanna be“. After 12 songs is it done. Stereotype and innovationless is often goes by, manly the singing parts of Scott Hill seem to ... more/mehr


Fuelblooded Inflict The Inevitable
What is more brutal than Iced Earth, more melodic than Meshuggah and learned from Gothenborg-Sound without copying In Flames? Right. Fuelblooded. No wonder those newcomers from the Netherlands hit the bull´s eye with their debut-album: all bandmembers have gained many years experience in the Metal business. Starting off 1989 ... more/mehr


Fueled By Fire Spread The Fire
There´s a revival of Old-School Thrash Metal. Do Fueled By Fire really want to sound like early 80s (Metallica, Slayer, Exodus)? Yes, but what´s that all about, just to steal from those bands mentioned. A Metallica riff here, another from Slayer. Nothing original, and not even played well. Perhaps this record should be just a gimmick? ... more/mehr



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