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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Fifth Avenue It´s Been A Long Way (EP)
5th Avenue was one of the early 90s "Wacken Open Air pioneers". Catchy warm, rich melodies, good-humored rock, with speed and straight forward. Their former hit was a rocking cover version of Suzanne Vega´s "Luka". But then, the band sank in 1995 in a 17-year slumber and woke up - today we would say out of the coma - in 2012 to a ... more/mehr


Fin Gren Propaganda für’s Paradies
Fin Gren, former singer of Agitpunk band Gesocks, offers his first solo album with “Propaganda für’s Paradies”. Right from the start with the first song “Schattenmann”, it seems like he wants to step on everyone’s feet. From the Popakademie to critics, everyone gets their turn. That calls for proof that he’s able to do a better job ... more/mehr


Final Aphorism Past and future concentrate
The Austrian band Final Aphorism have been existing since 2001, but only now their first self-produced CD finally hits the market. According to the title influences of various musical periods as well as the musical development of the band are presented here. The six guys from Vienna are influenced by many different music styles, ... more/mehr


Final Dawn Soulless Can´t Repent
The third self-financed CD of our November Fresh Act gives a good impression of this skilled power trio Vesa, Leonard and Topi from the Helsinki area. They define it as a mixture of Death and Dark Metal, and I don´t have much to add to that. This band is difficult to put into a category, which is positive in the first place. Their ... more/mehr


Final Dawn The Crown Of The Dead Eyes
The new EP of this former Finnish STALKER Fresh Act provides another good dose of misanthropy, musically exploring the crossover-areas between Doom and (epic) Black Metal. The opener Welcome to War celebrates Black Sabbath, before the doomy grooves, spiced up with some blast beats, take over. House Of Shadows becomes really catchy ... more/mehr



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