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Gothminister Utopia
This band has really never let me down, neither with the previous records nor with the new fifth cd „Utopia“. The Norwegian Industrial/Dark Metallers understand to present themselves always in a new way, but they still stay true to their very own style. Unfortunately in the Norwegian finals they were not chosen as the act for the ... more/mehr


Gotthard Lift ´U´ Up
The single "Lift 'U' Up" is the precursor of the eighth Gotthard album that was unleashed on mankind on the 6th June under the name of "Lipservice".

The four version of the song (as well as an enhanced part with a photo gallery and a screen saver) indicate what the band sounds like anno 2005: laid-back, spontaneous, catchy ... more/mehr


Gotthard Made in Switzerland (Live in Zurich)
Gotthard makes it up here for their recent rather so-so releases.

Right from the start the quintet is on full speed and rocks like hell, offering catchy tunes only. High Swiss quality also the production: powerful instruments, atmospheric audience and still always clear sound. Perhaps even too perfect for an authentic live ... more/mehr


Gotthard Domino Effect
The most successful Swiss Hardrock Band is back with a regular studio record. The Swiss offer typical hardrock with 70´s flair plus the obligatory power ballads. Speaking of power ballads, with “Falling”, “The Call”, “Tomorrow´s just begun” and “Where is love when it is gone” the commercial needs of a gold, platinum and diamond band ... more/mehr


Gotthard Firebirth
For a long time it wasn’t clear if Gotthard will have a future at all without their singer Steve Lee, who departed in 2010. For a long time they were looking for a suitable candidate and finally found the Swiss Nic Maeder, who has been living in Australia. The first release was anxiously awaited, and Gotthard didn’t disappoint their ... more/mehr



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